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RTpay.com is the ‘for profit’ arm of the RTpay consultancy, working on:

RTpay does not hold any client funds or act in the transaction flow at any stage. It solely assists clients on the optimal management of their own funds. It may introduce suitable financial service providers as part of its advice.

For more information on our not-for-profit operation, see rtpay.org

Economic Risk Programs

Economic risk programs for international investments and currency hedging – and arranging transaction processing agreements

Management toolsRTpay has advised fund managers, corporations and HNW individuals for many years on managing their portfolios, particularly related to the foreign exchange hedging requirements and transaction processing involved in international investments.

The relatively high risk of competitive devaluations in many parts of the world have meant that investment into developing countries can be far less profitable than at first may seem to be the case.

RTpay has developed specific risk reduction programs, including creating digital currencies based on multiple fiat currencies, such as the AIIB-based Asian Currency Unit, http://wsd.rtpay.com/ACU.aspx which tracks the weighted value of the combined AIIB currencies versus the USD, since January 2015.

The currency advisory service is often linked with work being done by RTpay.org on non-profit transaction flows, where the full value of support is missed by accepting too low a currency conversion. As part of this consultancy work, RTpay aims to assist matching transactions of a reverse flow format, so the net price is far better for both parties. This can be very important in cases where the official exchange rate is much lower than the market rate for commercial transactions.

The use of derivatives to lower interest rate and currency risk is an important part of the consultancy. This can also be used by some investors as a way to optimize the return they can achieve on their investments.

RTpay assists all forms of business improve their transaction processing costs, with many new products and a more competitive banking environment being available. While this can cut costs, the other feature of this service is to advise on reporting requirements and the increasing risks of fraud and security breaches.


Transaction Processing

Arranging transaction processing agreements

RTpay Global ConsultingRTpay can assist companies and organizations achieve superior transaction processing agreements with banks and all forms of processors, at the best rates and in the fastest time.

In particular, we aim to assist non-profit groups and international organizations lower their costs of processing, often by converting international transactions in to domestic ones.

Many processing agreements that have been operating for a few years are vastly over-priced as the industry has evolved into a more commoditized market. Part of the RTpay service is to help evaluate current agreements, suggest possible alternatives and work with clients to either improve their existing terms, or arrange the transfer to new processors.

Depending on the type of business and the volume, significant savings can be made. Where funds are being transferred internationally, the exchange rate used is another very significant area for attention.

The other factor to consider in any processing arrangement is how to ensure compliance with the ever-changing regulatory environment – and the way to keep the costs as low as possible. RTpay can provide advice in this regard – and help clients find the best providers of the most secure solutions.


Developing financial risk programs for all aspects of healthcare

RTpay has a program for addressing the costs and risks associated with all formats of healthcare, both to protect the patient and the healthcare provider. While this is a fast-moving business, there are far too many open-ended risks for both parties at the moment.

HealthcareThe proposal under development gives patients:

For healthcare providers:

Blockchain and Cloud

BlockchainCreation of blockchain and cloud-based solutions

RTpay works with several organizations – at government and major corporation level – on a variety of solutions using Blockchain technology. While much of this is highly confidential, there are some areas where new partners can be brought in to increase the scope of current work.

The inter-relationship of international currency transactions – and the increasing risks experienced in many clearing operations – is of particular interest. The creation of digital currencies for both investment and trade settlement is a primary part of RTpay’s involvement in this technological area.

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