Transaction Processing

Arranging transaction processing agreements

RTpay Global ConsultingRTpay can assist companies and organizations achieve superior transaction processing agreements with banks and all forms of processors, at the best rates and in the fastest time.

In particular, we aim to assist non-profit groups and international organizations lower their costs of processing, often by converting international transactions in to domestic ones.

Many processing agreements that have been operating for a few years are vastly over-priced as the industry has evolved into a more commoditized market. Part of the RTpay service is to help evaluate current agreements, suggest possible alternatives and work with clients to either improve their existing terms, or arrange the transfer to new processors.

Depending on the type of business and the volume, significant savings can be made. Where funds are being transferred internationally, the exchange rate used is another very significant area for attention.

The other factor to consider in any processing arrangement is how to ensure compliance with the ever-changing regulatory environment – and the way to keep the costs as low as possible. RTpay can provide advice in this regard – and help clients find the best providers of the most secure solutions.