Developing financial risk programs for all aspects of healthcare

RTpay has a program for addressing the costs and risks associated with all formats of healthcare, both to protect the patient and the healthcare provider. While this is a fast-moving business, there are far too many open-ended risks for both parties at the moment.

HealthcareThe proposal under development gives patients:

  • A better guide as to the out-of-pocket costs they may suffer from any procedure, before they decide to go ahead
  • A time to pay option – and/ or an early payment plan to avoid unpleasant surprises
  • Faster check-in facilities at doctors’ offices and hospitals – with greater security of all personal data
  • Comparison data as to appropriate insurance products, both as new policies and at renewal stages

For healthcare providers:

  • Financial advice as to how to reduce risk of collection problems
  • Faster service for patients – and better referral data exchange
  • Faster settlement of fees
  • Better linkage with other HCPs to increase service and income